Christingle Service

Our annual Christingle Service will be an online Zoom event at 10am on Sunday 6 December. Christingle is a special, memorable celebration that takes place in thousands of churches and schools across the country.  The celebration is named after the Christingles that are lit during the service. Christingles are made from an orange decorated with red tape, sweets and a candle. With your help, Christingle raises vital funds to help children who are facing Christmas alone and are unable to cope.

During the Zoom event we will make a Christingle together so everyone will need the following items-

  • an orange for each person making a Christingle (would be nice to encourage family members to each make one)
  • 4 cocktail sticks
  • thin red tape or ribbon to go around the middle.
  • sweets to go on the cocktail sticks (mini marshamllows are good as are raisins)
  • a small candle to go in the top

We will also be encouraging people to light these and display them in their homes.

The symbolism of Christingle

Each element of a Christingle has a special meaning and helps to tell the Christian story:
The orange represents the world
The red ribbon (or tape) symbolises the love and blood of Christ
The sweets and dried fruit represent all of God’s creations
The lit candle represents Jesus’s light in the world, bringing hope to people living in darkness.