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TUESDAY 24 APRIL. Are you thinking about Baptising your child at Holy Trinity? If so, we do require you to attend a Baptism Information evening. These evenings (held at the Vicarage) aim to help parents find out information on how they go about having their child baptised at Holy Trinity. The next information evening is at 8pm on Tuesday 24 April. We do ask both parents to attend if possible and it is not appropriate to bring children to the


Banns: A legal requirement in the Church of England is that ‘banns’ are ‘called’ over three consecutive Sundays in Holy Trinity, and in the parish where the non-resident partner lives (if applicable). This means that on three Sundays, the clergy will ask the congregation if anybody has any objection to your marriage going ahead. This rather quaint practice dates from an era when populations were less mobile and bigamy was more prevalent! Banns must be called during the three months


Marriage at Holy Trinity Holy Trinity is licensed for weddings. Anyone who lives in our Parish is eligible to be married in their parish church. You can check this on the A Church Near You website. In addition, anyone who has attended church regularly and is on the church electoral roll, is also eligible to be married in the church which they attend. There are also some circumstances where you can be a married in a church “by virtue of


Baptisms at Holy Trinity Baptism is a very important and exciting part of our life together here at Holy Trinity with a large number of baptisms every year. If you would like to be baptised yourself or would like your child baptised, please take a look at this PDF Document which should answer most of your questions. We expect those who are being baptised, or who are bringing children for baptism, to be practising Christians who are able to make