Annual Report 2016


Annual Report 2016







Sunday 24 April 2016 (10:30am service)


When Nat and I arrived at Holy Trinity some 6 years ago it was great that the church had already done a good deal of thinking around where God was leading us for the future.  So the Vision naturally flowed out from this as we tried to be a church that is “Loving God, Loving People” – and to make significant progress in the 4 main areas of Welcome, Engaging, Finance and Administration.

Whilst there have been plenty of challenges – thanks to all of you – the progress that has been made in these 4 areas is too great and varied for me to describe here!  And 6 years on, this vision has now run its course.  It’s now time for us to listen to God and listen to each other, to do some thinking  – and dream it all up again!  Who are we as Holy Trinity – and who is God calling us to be in 5 or 10 years’ time?

At our Annual Meeting I’ll outline the process for how we’ll do this and I’m very much asking all of you to be involved – looking to God, and looking forward, together.

However  – I can’t ignore some highlights in looking briefly back, over this past year.  Our Life Groups, Bible and Bacon and Brioche have really begun to give some substance to our fellowship and faith as we meet together regularly.  Thank you to Anna, Tim & Claire, Jon and Fleur and all the conveners of these groups.

There is a real sense of us knowing and loving each other at a deeper level thanks to wonderful events like the Auction of Promises, the regular Socials, the shared lunches and the welcome evening.

It’s been a real pleasure to have Lucy James on board as our Parish Manager and she has been great asset to the team that runs the re-energised Trinity Toddlers, along with Tim B. and Purdey.  This is an important way that the church is a blessing to our particular community.

Tim and Claire Bateman have been amazing, not just as per the above, but in faithfully sharing their lives with our young people over these last 20 months.  We’re especially looking forward to the Diocese’s Youth Weekend Away with our church having the largest group of young people attending thanks to the youth team working with Tim and Claire!   We will miss you both greatly and wish you every blessing in your new life in Oxford.

Jo Gunning continues to experience and endure the endless traumas of managing our room bookings.  We can only say THANK YOU for this vital work.   And further heartfelt thanks to Georgina Marchant, Vicki Rogers and Katy Patterson for their leadership of the Crèche and Sunday School teams.  You are very much appreciated!

Tim Garrett


You can download a copy of the full ANNUAL REPORT HERE



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