Annual Report 2017




Sunday 30 April 2017 (10:30am service)


Almost exactly a year ago at our Annual Vision Meeting we generated literally hundreds of post-it notes identifying our current and potential “Growth Engines” and any aspects of church life that worked against our growing.  The PCC spent the next few months sifting through every single one of these and, after the summer, in September, we held a Saturday Vision Day.  This was very helpfully facilitated by Revd.  Will Hunter Smart, who helped us to prayerfully discern the 4 most important priorities for Holy Trinity at this time and for the next 5 to 10 years.   These are detailed here:

It has been very helpful for the PCC to have this clarity about where to most focus our efforts as a congregation for the future.   It is my great prayer and hope that every member of our congregation will think about any small (or large!) way that they can contribute – and we can make this vision become a reality in the years to come.

Tim Garrett


You can download a copy of the full ANNUAL REPORT HERE



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